Aging Is Not A Disease

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What are your thoughts about aging? Are you like some who see it as something to dread? Or are you ignoring it because you do not understand how it relates to you? Regardless of your age, there are some things you can begin doing now to ensure that you age gracefully.

What you do today will undoubtedly benefit your tomorrow. Likewise, investing in your health and well-being will help you in the years to come.

I recall a time when I was a jogger. I loved running and riding my bike for exercise. As I was jogging, a neighbor approached me and asked, “Mrs. Pat” why do you exercise so often? You are already slim. Then she added, I know people that would give anything for a body like yours”.

Of course, that was years ago; however, I am a regular walker as I continue to embrace healthy aging. I also continue to do strength training at least three days per week. My point is what I did forty years ago is benefiting me today.

Here are three tips to help you embrace healthy aging regardless of your age.

1. Do not wait for your doctor to tell you to start exercising.

Exercise is incredibly essential. Find an exercise routine that you like and commit to sticking to it. An exercise routine will help to slow down the aging process. Working out several times a week will help your body keep its muscle strength, balance, endurance, and bone density. However, it is important to include cardio exercises and strength training in your weekly sessions.

2. Decide that you will start eating healthier foods.

The USDA food pyramid recommends that we eat grains (5-8 servings daily), vegetables (2-5 servings daily), fruits (2 servings daily), Milk (3 cups daily), and Meat & Beans (5-6 servings daily). When I eat based on this recommendation, I have fewer cravings. However, you may find that you do too as this is a lot of food.

3. Make it your goal to see your physician regularly.

One of the most extraordinary things you can do to embrace healthy aging is to see your physician regularly. Doctors should be viewed as partners when it comes to your health care. They can offer us suggestions on how you can achieve maximum health. In addition, they catch minor issues in our bodies before they become significant problems.

If you implement these suggestions, you will be on the right path as you age. We cannot control that we age daily; therefore, we should embrace healthy aging practices daily. These tips will help you focus more on getting better instead of getting older. They will also help you enjoy your youthful feeling longer.

Pat Bracy

Embracing Healthy Eating


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