How Personal Development Works

Updated: Apr 22

What Is Personal Development 

If you want to achieve your personal development goals, this short read on how individual development works is for you.

Personal development is a lifelong process. Many people use this to assess their qualities, abilities, and skills, evaluate the things they want to achieve, and then set goals to help what they want to accomplish into a reality.

It would help if you learned how to build skills to ensure that you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself. Personal development skills are qualities or traits that you already have or the ones that you can acquire through training and education. `

Different people will also have varying skills, depending on the goals they set for themselves. Some examples of personal development skills include communication, organization, adaptability, problem-solving, work ethic, and leadership.

Here are simple tips to improve

Personal development skills are enhanced through consistent education, learning from the people you work with, discovering new talents and abilities, and developing your existing ones.

It is essential to overcome your fears because they will prevent you from improving and growing into the person you want to become. Identify your fears. Let us say your concern is public speaking. The best thing is to enroll in a class or join a community that helps people master public speaking. The key is identifying your fears and doing something to overcome them.

Pursue continuous learning.

Reading expands your vocabulary and knowledge about things around you. You must stay informed and try to learn something new once you have improved in an area or on existing knowledge. Make it a point to ensure that you know a new skill whenever you have the chance to.

Ask others for feedback.

Ask a family member, friend, colleague, or boss for feedback on your recent accomplishment, and take pride in your achievement. Take both their positive and negative comments. Then, use this tool to improve.

Be observant.

You will be surprised at how much you will learn about many things from other people. Observe someone you admire and take their best practices. Identify the qualities that caused you to look up to them and replicate them.

Build a network.

Make sure that you interact with many types of people. There is so much to learn from the people you meet every day. You can get new ideas from them. Doing so also allows you to understand people with different personality traits. You might even meet some people and build relationships and connections that will help you in the future. You can learn how personal development works if you attend seminars or join organizations or small groups that interest you.

Maintain a journal.

Having and maintaining a journal will help you gain self-awareness. It also allows you to reflect on the events that happen in your life, the decisions you may have made, and even the conversations you have had. Decide on whether you are writing every day or every week. Whatever you choose, make sure you write regularly.

Get a mentor.

One of the best ways to improve is to learn from the best. The best way to learn fast is to get a mentor. You may know someone who you can ask to be your mentor. A mentor can be a friend or someone you admire or look up to. While this may seem to be a challenge, it is obtainable. You will need to stay focused on the purpose of getting a mentor. Here are three things to look for when seeking a mentor.

  1. Look for someone you believe, to be honest. What you want from your mentor is truth and not flattery.

  2. Look for someone who will be available at agreed onset times. Be careful not to abuse the privilege of having someone willing to help you by popping in or calling without their consent.

  3. Be ready to take criticism, and do not be upset when the mentor suggests areas that may need to address. The final decision on all changes is up to you.

If you understand how personal development works and practice these personal development skills, you will notice areas of change daily.

In summary

If you improve your skills, you will acquire personal development by pursuing continuous learning; asking others for feedback; being observant; building a network, maintaining a journal, and getting a mentor. 

Thank you.

Pat Bracy

Embracing Healthy Aging


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