How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

Are you spending hours on the road or at the gym every day finding ways on how to lose the last pounds but nothing seems to work? Well, you’re not alone in this journey that requires hard work, patience, and consistency. When figuring out how to lose the last ten pounds of your body weight, don’t let it take a toll on your mental and physical health.

Though it is scientifically proved that it is hard to lose those last pounds, you will manage to hit this goal with the right advice. Well, this article addresses this particular weight concern. Read on to discover more.

Why is it Difficult to Lose the Last 10 Pounds?

When your body learns how to function well on a few calories, your metabolism will naturally slow down. Furthermore, when you lose weight and your body adapts to a low-calorie diet, your body can resist further fat loss. We all have a built-in mechanism for protecting us against starvation. Your brain will trigger certain psychological and metabolic processes to conserve and restore energy stores when you’re starving.

If you focus your mind on losing weight, your mind may work against you by maximally utilizing every ounce of food you eat. The first few pounds you lost are mainly water. Once you shed them, you’ll remain with muscle and fat, which requires more effort and time to shed.

Proven Ways to Lose the Last 10 Pounds

Just like your precious weight loss program (if you had any), you’ll need a well-prepared routine. The routine should encompass the various measures to take to lose weight and ways you’ll be tracking your progress. With this guide by your side, you won’t need a personal trainer to plan a weight loss routine for you. Simply stick to the practices discussed below to achieve the best results.

1.     Trim More from Your Daily Food Intake

Though cutting calories can be challenging, you need to be consistent enough to maintain a low-calorie diet. You need to set your mind on taking way fewer calories than you used to take. Since carbohydrates usually have lots of calories and may lead to weight gain, consider eating at least half of the amount you used to eat.

Focus on cutting an extra 250 calories from your day-to-day diet. Remember to get approval from your doctor on whether an extremely low-calorie diet may work in your favor. You should also resist the urge to take refined sugars since they don’t add much value to the body.

2.     Track Your Calories

Though it may seem tedious, counting your calories goes a long way in ensuring that you’re eating what your body needs. The reason people gain weight is that they consume more than their energy requirements state. When you start counting calories, you’ll be suggesting that you are mindful about what you eat. With this type of discipline, you won’t struggle that much on how to lose the last 10 pounds.

Start recording every bit of food you take throughout the day in a diet journal. You can also use calorie counting apps to track your food intake. Men need about 2,500 calories to function normally while women need 2,000 calories for the same. If you are more than what your body requires on a particular day, consider subtracting the number of calories you’ll eat the following day by the surplus number.

3.     Don’t Focus on the Number

While it’s advisable to measure your weight every other week to track your progress, avoid shifting all your attention on the weight machine. You may start feeling overwhelmed or frustrated with the entire process if the weight machine indicates a number that’s way above your target. Note that when figuring how to lose that last 10 pounds, it won’t happen overnight. You just need time and a good plan.

4.     Experiment with Different Foods and Recipes

Your food choices and preparation methods may contribute to your inability to lose weight. You may be using recipes that result in calorie-dense meals. Pay attention to your ingredients and preparation methods. Use less cooking fat and add more low-calorie vegetables to your diet.

5.     Consume More Protein and Fiber

Foods rich in protein and fiber make you feel full quickly allowing you to resist the urge to eat. When you include them in your diet, it’s easier to avoid food cravings and focus on how to lose the last few pounds. Always go for healthy options such as lean meats, fish, beans, eggs, low-fat cheese, non-fat yogurt or low-fat as your protein sources, and leafy vegetables and large fruits as your fiber sources.

6.     Increase the Intensity of Your Exercises

The general rule with physical exercises is that if you can’t make time to work out for long hours, work harder instead. For instance, if you enjoy running, use routes that are hillier for you to burn more fat. You may also combine cardio exercises such as running with strength training exercises such as plunks and plunges. If you work out a little more and eat a little less, you’ll worry less on how to lose a few pounds fast.

Lifting heavy weights can form part of your workouts with an emphasis on burning calories. The good thing about weight lifting is that it speeds up your metabolic rates thus increasing the rate at which your body burns calories. You also get to achieve a lean body and be physically fit.

7.     Drink More Water

While water keeps you hydrated throughout the day, it can also help you shed those stubborn pounds preventing you from achieving your fitness goals. You may replace water with food when you feel hungry to fill your stomach on a few occasions. Consider taking lots of water in between meals to accelerate your body’s metabolism.

8.     Sit Less and Stand up More

When your lifestyle dictates you to sit almost all day, you won’t know how to lose last 10 pounds even if you’re adopting a low-calorie diet. Move around more often to engage your muscles and make it easier for your body to utilize energy faster. If your workplace allows you to sit all day, alternate between working while standing and working while seating. Other activities such as walking to the store instead of driving and taking the staircase instead of the elevator may also help.

In Conclusion

The progress you make when figuring how to lose a few pounds will highly depend on your lifestyle changes. Feel free to tweak your lifestyle in a way that allows you to be more physically active. When you feel like giving in, remember what got you started with the process.

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