Stop Anxiety and Panic

Updated: Apr 22

The Effects Of Stress On Your Body

When you are in a stressful situation, do you know that your heart starts beating faster than usual? So fast and loud that you can hear it pounding. Or perhaps, you feel dizzy or lightheaded, you find it difficult to breathe, or your palms get sweaty when you're required to do something overwhelming. That's anxiety or a state of panic—your body's natural response to stressful situations.

Varying situations and activities can trigger anxiety in different people. However, some of the most common triggers of anxiety and panic are:

  • First day at a new workplace

  • First meeting with your partner's parents or family

  • Public speaking

  • Giving a job interview

  • Presenting in front of a class or your colleagues

  • Driving a car for the first or after a car accident

  • Crowded and loud spaces, like parties and shopping malls

So many people have gone through years of treatments for their anxiety and panic disorders but to no avail. They have tried alternative treatments, therapies, and medications, but they could never achieve lasting results.

The great news is that research has clearly shown that you can feel "young & happy" again IF you restore, balance, and optimize:

  • Dopamine - associated with pleasure & drive (emotional & sexual)

  • Serotonin - linked to happiness and well-being

  • Cortisol - a primary "aging" and "stress" hormone

  • Oxytocin - is a positive emotion producer called the "love hormone."

  • Neurotransmitters - control mood chemicals for a youthful brain

  • Probiotics - healthy mood-improving bacteria found in your gut

The primary reason why those treatments were not effective is that they do not treat restoration, balance, and optimization. Instead, they teach them to cope with their anxiety and panic disorders, which isn't what you're looking to do. You don't want to cope with anxiety issues for the rest of your life; you want to end it.

Panic begins with bodily sensations, such as a higher pulse rate, when you fear that something terrible is about to happen. Your continued response to the body's reactions instills more fear and leads to a panic attack. When the panic attack subsides, you experience high anxiety and hypersensitivity to what just happened. The fear of having another panic attack keeps you highly anxious, leading to bodily sensations, and the panic cycle continues.


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Pat Bracy

Embracing Healthy Aging