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Updated: Apr 22

The Advancement Of Technology

Over the past decade, technology has become part and parcel of our lives. From digital marketing to programming and even artificial intelligence, almost everything is heavily reliant on technology. If you don’t have a strong grasp on essential technological skills, you’ll struggle to get your dream job as a candidate or grow your company as a business owner.

At Embracing Healthy Aging, we’re dedicated to helping you expand your technological skillset and reach your goals. We’ve partnered with ExpertRating to help you take in-depth online courses and gain an edge in your industry or boost your career.

Here is an overview of the myriad of courses you can choose from:

  • .Net Technology: Including JavaScript 1.3 Test, ADO.NET 2003 Test, COM Test, and more

  • Cloud Technologies: Including Amazon Web Services Test, Azure Skills Test, Skills Test, and more

  • Java Technologies: Including Advanced Java Test, Java Spring Test, Maven Skills Test, and more

  • Microsoft Technologies: Including Microsoft Access 2013 Test, Visual Studio Test, and more

  • Mobile Technologies: Including Android 9 Skills Test, CDMA Test, EDGE Test, iOS 10 Programming Skills Test, and more

  • Open Source Tools and Technologies: Including Ansible Skills Test, Docker Skills Test, NatBeans Test, and more

Apart from taking these certification courses, we also recommend joining a tech community for timely support and guidance on complex niche-related issues. Whether you’re a programmer, web developer, IT manager, or software developer, you can connect with like-minded individuals to flatten the learning curve.

Keep practicing and do your own research every chance you get! If you’re taking a break to pursue something else, make sure you don’t let your skills wither away by nipping your bad habits in the bud. It takes time to develop a steady routine. If you let complacency get in the way, you’ll have to start from scratch months or years later.

When doing your own research, keep an eye out for new innovations. The realm of technology is never stagnant; it’s constantly fizzing and taking a new direction. Keep up with changes so you can take new courses and pick up on advanced skills accordingly. The more you branch out into cutting-edge technologies, the wider your skillset will get. And that’s exactly what employers are looking for.

If you recently launched a startup or run a small business, you can innovate when it comes to business operations by applying your theoretical and practical expertise. Head over to ExpertRating to find in-depth courses on technology. Shortlist your search based on your criteria to find the perfect option for your business/career. For more insight, check out: ExpertRating Test & Courses.

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