The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Healthy Aging:  The Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

According to a recent Harvard study, a mere 15 minutes of daily aerobic exercises boost your lifespan by three years! This is because; aerobic exercise reduces the potential risk of various health conditions from dementia to heart disease. It is uniquely effective than physical activity because it makes the lungs and heart to work harder than expected. This article discusses the benefits of aerobic exercise.

Also known as cardio exercise, it involves activities that rely on oxygen to generate energy under prolonged duration without fatigue. Aerobic exercises include swimming, running, jogging, bicycling, and brisk walking—anything that makes your heart pump faster. Regular exercise helps in physical functioning and improves health as it modifies your body.

There is a wide array of benefits to experience from doing some form of cardio exercise regularly.  This includes improving cardiorespiratory fitness and regulating your sugar level. Please continue reading to learn four key benefits of aerobic exercise and its impact on your overall health.

Boosts Cardiovascular Health.

With little or no physical activity, an inactive lifestyle is one of the significant 5-lifestyle factors for cardiovascular diseases. Aerobic exercise is quite known for its cardio-boosting benefits.

Reducing this inactivity through regular exercise reduces the chances of experiencing a cardiac arrest or a heart attack. According to the American Heart Association, aerobic exercise builds endurance and improves your balance, resilience, and cardiovascular strength.

Cardiovascular exercise helps in strengthening your heart and helps pump blood efficiently throughout the body. The increased blood flow in your body increases the oxygen levels. Your heart pumps blood in the smaller blood vessels that link different coronary arteries.   This activity prevents clogging in the arteries that can cause heart attacks. Also, aerobic exercise increases the levels of ‘good’ cholesterol that reduces heart diseases by flushing out the ‘bad’ cholesterol levels. This means that your heart does not need to beat fast to deliver the blood.

Over time, aerobic activity strengthens your heart muscles, and this reduces your blood pressure. This happens through moderate to vigorous aerobic exercise. In the long-term, this ensures that you do not end up with heart disease.

Regulates Your Blood Sugar.

For individuals who have diabetes, the merits of regular exercise cannot be overstated. It is essential to control your blood sugar level, which helps reduce the risk of diabetes.

A Harvard study suggests that resistance and aerobic training positively impact your blood sugar levels.

When combined these two types of exercise proves more beneficial than doing one alone. It helps boost insulin sensitivity, countering insulin resistance; it also increases cardiorespiratory fitness and improves your system’s lipids level.

Moving your body helps you prevent abdominal obesity and mitigates the risk of diabetes. Physical exercise might be the best way of losing weight. If you are overweight, you are likely to develop type 2 diabetes, which is insulin resistant. You, therefore, need to burn some calories and maintain both an active and healthy weight. After an aerobic workout, your body is less sensitive to insulin.  This helps your immune system take up the excess glucose to fulfill its energy requirements.

Helps you Breathe Better.

The literal meaning of the term “aerobic” is “with oxygen.” Doing aerobic activity increases the body’s efficiency in terms of oxygen use; this makes your lungs and heart work less. During exercise, your body becomes effective in transporting oxygen into your bloodstream and your working muscles. You have fewer chances of experiencing breathe shortage as you strengthen the powers of the chest and your neck. This also includes the ribs’ muscles and the diaphragm that work together to influence exhaling and inhaling.

Better breathing leads to quicker, more effective results, allowing you to expand all your muscles’ energy and burn more fat.

Incorporating breathing exercises into your daily aerobic workout is just like a cherry on top of a great workout. Mindful breathing helps you use up to 80% of your lung capacity, allowing you to enhance aerobic exercise’s beneficial effects.

Keeps Restlessness at Bay.

The National Sleep Foundation suggests that a single session of moderate aerobic exercise can reduce the severity of chronic insomnia.  Moreover, it will help you fall asleep faster. It was previously assumed that psychiatric help or drugs could fix sleep disorder, but that is not the case.

Regular aerobic exercise can be a useful tool when it involves sleep disorders or anxiety. It enhances your quality of sleep, rest duration, and vitality. Physical activity demands you to consume energy and gets you feeling tired and ready to end your day by resting. Physical activity merged with sleep hygiene, therefore, increases time spent in deep and sound sleep.

Moreover, stress is usually a cause of sleep problems, including sleeping restlessly and trouble falling asleep. It may affect your body’s circadian rhythms. This is a natural internal body clock that regulates day-night patterns, which, when disrupted, may affect behavioral and physiological changes. Therefore, physical exercise is a remedy that triggers an anti-anxiety response causing you to relax.

Exercising near bedtime may interfere with your sleep by delaying your transition.  However, finishing your work out late in the day will leave you invigorated.

Help Is Here For You!

Sheer willpower is not the only thing that helps you get fit instead of performing regular exercise. As stated, regular aerobic activity will keep the parts of your body in good condition. In addition, aerobic exercise will allow you to live a long and healthy life. To many, the outcome of aerobic exercise may generally be slow and small.  On the other hand, the effect of moderate but continued exercise can be significant and life changing.

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