Toned in Ten Fitness Program

Updated: Apr 23

Get Your Desired Lean Body


Can you recall when you signed up for an exercise or workout program only to leave it in the middle because the training duration was too long and you couldn’t find the time to perform all exercises due to your busy schedule?

If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many people have shared their stories of how they can not commit to a workout program because of work, part-time jobs, studies, or house chores. So here is an excellent solution for you. Toned in Ten is a fitness program that comprises short 10-minute cardio workout videos designed to help you get in shape, become lean, lose weight, and look ten years younger!

Toned in Ten Fitness Program

All the workouts in the program will provide you with high-intensity interval training (HHIT) that helps you get leaner and lose unhealthy fat. In addition to their short duration, the best part about the workout sessions is that you won’t need to buy any expensive workout equipment to perform the exercises, and you can do them at any time you want. Anywhere you are—in your office, at the gym, in your backyard, or in your room!

Here are some reasons you should quit your hour-long boring cardio routine and sign up for the Toned in Ten fitness program, which only requires you to work out for 10 minutes every day!

  • Contrary to popular belief, long cardio slows down the production of fat-burning hormones.

  • They make you feel hungry more than you usually would. And it’s not our opinion; research studies have proven it. Here’s one for your reference: International Journal of Obesity 32: 177-184, 2008.

  • You get tired and trained, which makes you less active for the rest of the day.

  • Because you need to set aside a couple of hours for long tiring cardio, you might end up missing it almost every day.

  • And there are more!

If you want to look and feel younger, healthy, and lean, don’t wait and get yourself enrolled in the Toned in Ten fitness program today at $19 only!

Thank you.

Pat Bracy

Embracing Healthy Aging


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