What are the Benefits of Staying Hydrated?

Updated: Mar 8

Water and Why We Need It

We all know that we need to drink enough water every day. Water is crucial to life, and you should not take it. The matter is that water makes up about 55-60% of our bodies, and it is essential to every cell in our body.  In reality, nobody can endure without water. So, what are the benefits of staying hydrated?

Key benefits that to Staying Hydrated Throughout The Day.

Benefit #1: It Promotes Cardiovascular Health

When dehydrated, you experience a significant decrease in your blood volume. When that happens, your heart will have to work harder to supply your body with oxygen-rich blood. As a result, your blood pressure goes up, and simple activities like climbing a flight of stairs become very difficult.

Benefit #2: Keeps Your Joints and Muscles Working Properly

Our muscles make the body move, and they need a lot of nutrients. When you are hydrated, you supply your muscles with all the nutrients they need. Proper hydration also ensures that your muscles get rid of waste efficiently. Water is also essential for lubricating the joints in your skeletal system. Therefore, you need to drink enough water every day to prevent joint pains.

Benefit #3: Body Cleanse

Water is necessary for cleaning the internal workings of the body. For instance, your kidneys need water to filter waste circulating in the blood. When people are dehydrated, they become prone to forming kidney stones and urinary tract infections.

Benefits #4: Improves Skin Elasticity

Staying hydrated will help keep your skin stay healthy. It is because human skin loses its elasticity when you are dehydrated. Note that this is more than just having dry skin or getting wrinkles. Simply put, you increase skin elasticity by regularly drinking enough water.

Benefit #5: Keeping Your Body Cool

You need to drink enough water to help your body stay cool, especially during hot days. Do you ever wonder why your face turns red when you are exercising? When this happens, the heat from your blood vessels, the ones closest to the skin, gets expanded.

There will be increased blood flow when that happens, resulting in more heat getting dissipated into the air. Note that a higher temperature in the air is required to trigger this effect on your blood vessels when dehydrated.

Benefit #6: Helps in the Formation of Mucus and Saliva

Mucus and saliva are necessary body fluids that help our body function properly. For instance, saliva helps in the digestion of food. Drinking water also reduces tooth decay and keeps the mouth clean.

Benefit #7: Provides a Cushion for the Brain

Keeping your brain from dehydration is one of the more critical benefits of staying hydrated. Water helps produce the fluid that cushions your spinal cord and brain. Your level of hydration affects brain function and its structure as well.

Benefit #8: Keeps Your Airways Functioning

The body needs water to keep your respiratory system working properly. When dehydrated, conditions like allergies and asthma worsen because of the weakened airways.

These are the benefits of staying hydrated. Water is necessary for all bodily functions in every human being. Adults and children need to drink lots of water every day to maintain optimal health. Therefore, it is vital to get enough fluids every day.

How to Avoid Dehydration?

It is essential to know that water is crucial to life. Our bodies cannot store extra water like human beings, so we need to replace any lost quickly. Think of water as the vehicle transporting nutrients and wastes, moving them between cells and organs.

How Water Escapes the Body?

We continuously lose water through many and the typical day-to-day functions of the body. For example, did you know that water escapes your body when you breathe? Yes, every time we exhale air, work up a sweat, perform bowel elimination, and pass urine, we lose water. Also, water loss increases when we travel by flight. In addition, when we have a fever, have bouts with coughing, quick breathing, experience vomiting, sick with cold or flu, and watery nasal secretions increase water loss tremendously.

Water Facts You Should Know

1. Our body includes 55-60% of water.

2. Water is the leading requirement for the body.

3. Dehydration is sometimes hard to determine.

4. By the time you are thirsty, you are already dehydrated.

5. Drink water to prevent dehydration from occurring in the first place.

6. We typically mistake being thirsty for cravings or hunger pangs.

7. Children dehydrate much quicker than adults.

8. Dehydration is severe and should be prevented daily.

9. Water liquefies more compounds than any other liquid. As a result, water brings chemicals, minerals, and nutrients with it whenever it travels.

10. Tea, coffee, and soda are diuretics and should not be substituted for water.

11. Lack of water can cause tiredness throughout the day.

12. Research suggests that eight to ten glasses of water a day may relieve back, neck, and joint pain.

13. Drinking eight glasses of water can lower risk factors for many cancers, including colon, breast, and bladder.

14. When depressed, reach for a glass or 2 of water because feeling depressed and tired are usually signs that you are experiencing dehydration.

16. Although some may disagree, many think it is good to drink water with meals, which aids digestion.

17. The best way of getting rid of water retention is to consume a lot of water.

18. Water allows the body to metabolize fats efficiently.

19. Keeping your skin clear depends on drinking good old fashion water.

20. Dehydration may induce contractions in pregnant women.

Final Thoughts

Knowing the benefits of staying hydrated should help you put it into practice.  Make it a habit of drinking at least eight glasses of water every day, as water is essential for life. People can go without food for days but cannot go without water as every organ in the body is dependent on it. Since our bodies do not store extra water, we should immediately replenish water lost through various activities.

You can use many gadgets to help you remember that it is time to drink water. For instance, many smartwatches and fitness trackers have a setting to remind you.  I like the water jug. I can fill it up and the morning and drink water every hour until it is all gone.  I can not say I always get it right, but I can say these drinking jugs sold on Amazon help me stay on track most of the time.

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